Organizing gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day.  That special day of the year when we celebrate and recognize mothers around the world for the wonderful women they are and for all the things they do for us.

But along with the celebration comes the stress of finding that perfect gift – one that is meaningful, special, and communicates love.  Not an easy task!

While flowers, clothes, and spa treatments are fabulous gift ideas, why not take the unconventional route and pamper the special lady in your life with some organizing gifts she’s sure to love? Not only will they bring order and function to her life, they won’t add any clutter to her spaces!

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10 Organizing Gift Ideas

1.  Planning tools.  With so many things that are required of moms these days, the best way for her to get it all done is a good planner.  The MomAgenda paper planner is a great resource for juggling kids, work, and play.  If the mom in your life prefers a digital option, a subscription to the Cozi Gold App will give her a robust tool for making to-do lists and keeping the family organized.

2. E-reader.  If your mom is an avid reader, an e-book is a perfect gift. Load it with her favorite books and magazines so she can enjoy all her reading in one place without needing to create a library in the house! There are several e-reader options to choose from:

**If you’re not sure which books to add to her e-reader, check out this list of the 20 Best Books for Organizing Your Home, Kids and Time

Shoe Slotz shoe organizer

3. Clothes closet organizers. Rather than risk upsetting your mom with clothes that are the wrong size or the wrong style, why not give her a few items that will help her find and organize the clothes she already has? Here are a few ideas that will make getting dressed each day a snap:

4.  Jewelry organizers.  If you’re short on cash for jewelry this Mother’s Day, you can always help mom keep the lovely jewels she already owns orderly with these jewelry organizer ideas:

5. Bathroom organizers.  We all know our moms are naturally beautiful.  But for those days when she needs to primp in front of the mirror, why not shower her with these tools so getting even more beautiful is easier:

6. Purse organizers.  It’s no secret that moms have to keep up with a lot of stuff, especially in their purses.  Make finding glasses, pacifiers and toy figurines a breeze with these purse organizers:

7. Car organizers.  Moms spend A LOT of time in the car.  Since her car is like a second home, here are a few resources that can keep it neat and tidy while she shuttles everyone around:

8. Kitchen organizers.  They say the heart of the home is the kitchen.  That’s probably because it’s the central location where moms spend a large majority of time doling out love with food.  Check out these kitchen organizers that can make cooking and cleaning a piece of cake:

Container Store – Elfa Wall/Door Rack


9.   The gift of time. In order to get and stay organized moms often need time to do get the job done.  Why not offer mom a coupon for some uninterrupted time to declutter and organize her favorite space?

10. A helping hand.  If getting organized is important to the mom in your life, then a helping hand might be just what she needs! You can offer to:

  • Organize a space she’s been “bugging” you about
  • Help her purge and organize a space that would make day-to-day life easier for her
  • Splurge and hire a Professional Organizer to do the work for her or to work alongside her (but only if that’s something she really wants!)

Hopefully, these 10 organizing gift ideas will bring not only a smile to your mom’s face, but they can also create order that will last her all year long.

Would the special mom in your life enjoy receiving any of these gift ideas?

Do you have other Mother’s Day gift idea suggestions I should add to the list?

Leave a comment and let me know!


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