Dear Clutter,

We need to talk.

We’ve been together for a really, long time. But I’ve come to the realization that this “thing” we’ve got going on isn’t really working for me anymore.

I think it’s time we broke-up.

Now I know this isn’t going to be easy for you to hear, but you need to know that it’s hard for me to let go of you, too. You’ve been a source of comfort for me, like a warm, fuzzy blanket I could wrap around me and feel safe. When I needed a reminder of my glory days, you were there strolling down memory lane with me. And you’ve been a faithful companion, always there.

But despite your never-ending presence in my life, I’ve opened my eyes to a few things about you that I never noticed before.

For example, when I’m with you I sometimes get anxious and uneasy. Even though you don’t realize it, your constant company makes me feel as if I’m suffocating. I don’t like feeling that way.

In addition, I often feel guilty when I know I should deal with you and I don’t. I’ve tried many times to ignore you and act as if you don’t exist. That’s no way for a relationship to function.

And being with you has kept me from building relationships with others (goodness, when was the last time you saw me bring someone home or invite a friend over?). While you probably didn’t mean to, you’ve isolated me from the rest of the world.

But not anymore. I want more to life than what you have to offer.

So today I’m declaring my freedom from you. I’m reclaiming my life, my identity, and my home. I’m kicking your butt to the curb and going to start anew.

Just thinking about it makes me giddy!

I would love to say that it’s me and not you. But since I’m being brutally honest here, it’s really you.

I’m tired of your messy ways, your demands for more, the lack of space you give me, and the chaos that follows you everywhere, and sucks me in too.

You’ve made me late for or miss meetings altogether, you’ve hidden things from me, made me forget about the things I really care about and cost me more money than I can count!

It doesn’t really matter whose fault it is for this unhealthy relationship. What truly matters is that I’ve finally seen you for who you are really are – a greedy, joy-robbing thief.

So, Clutter, it’s time we go our separate ways. Make no mistake – we’re not just “taking a break”. This is the end of the road for us and I never want to see you again.

Please don’t ask me to think this over because I’m not changing my mind. I’m moving on to bigger and better things. You, my friend, are a thing of the past.

Good-bye, Clutter. I am so over you.

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