There is an African Proverb that says, “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

It’s a nice thought, but most of us are just trying to get through today. We don’t have time to worry about, or even prepare for, tomorrow.

But proverbs aren’t just “nice thoughts”. By definition, they are sayings expressing simply and concretely a truth based on common sense or the practical. So at some point in time, someone discovered that a better tomorrow starts with preparation today. And because they lived that out and showed the world it was possible, it’s a saying that has been passed down through generations.

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Prepare Today

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life without concerning ourselves with the days to come. But if a better tomorrow comes on the tails of today, then here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

  1. At the end of the day, put things back where they belong. Whether it’s your office desk or the playroom, putting things back where they belong can help you start tomorrow with a clean slate. Rather than having the pressure of clutter looming over you as you start the day, your attitude and focus will be lighter and brighter.
  2. Write out your most important tasks for tomorrow, today. Before leaving the office or going to bed, write down the 3-5 most important things you need to accomplish the next day. By doing this you eliminate any doubts of what needs to be done, allowing you to be more productive.
  3. Be familiar with tomorrow’s activities/meetings/appointments. End your day by taking a glance at what’s on the schedule for tomorrow. Having an idea of what’s upcoming the next day can help you limit your to-do list if you know you’re going to have a busy day. On the flip side, if you’re calendar is wide open, then you have time to think about what projects you’d like to work on and start preparing for them.
  4. Determine what you’ll eat and wear the next day. Save time by knowing what you’re going to eat and wear tomorrow. Knowing ahead of time which outfit you’ll put on and having breakfast or lunch in mind can keep you from being late or frustrated when things don’t go as planned in the morning.
  5.  Get your bag ready. If you know you’ll be heading out tomorrow, have everything you need ready and waiting for you by the door. Keys, important papers, and special deliveries can all be set out the night before so in the morning you just pick up and go, without the stress and drama.

Tomorrow can be better.  All it takes is a few minutes of your time today to pave the way.

Which of these steps can you implement today to make tomorrow better?


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