When it comes to getting organized, do you have to do it or do you want to do it?

While it may not seem there’s a difference between the two, understanding that there is can actually help you achieve your goal of getting organized.

Have to or Want to?

In life there will always be things we have to do:

  • children have to sleep to grow,
  • students have to study in order to graduate, and
  • adults have to pay taxes to stay out of jail.

Most of the time, however, it’s those things we have to do that we oppose most.

Why? Because we don’t want anyone telling us what we’re supposed to do. We want our freedom, our choices, our way. It’s our natural tendency. So, we when we tell ourselves, “I have to get organized” we’re fighting our natural instincts.

But what about those things we want to do?

The things we want to do are the dreams we store in our hearts: we work for them and we sacrifice for them, without being pushed or prodded.

Why? Because we know if we can obtain our deepest desires we’ll ultimately find joy, peace, and satisfaction.

See the difference?

So the question to really ask yourself is this:  Do I have to get organized or do I want to get organized?

How you frame your efforts will affect how well you accomplish them. If you feel you have to get organized, then your natural tendency will likely be to oppose it by refusing to let go, not making the time,  or creating excuses. However, if you want to get organized, you’ll do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

In the end, getting organized may just be about how you phrase it.



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