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Getting Organized: Have to or Want to?

When it comes to getting organized, do you have to do it or do you want to do it? While it may not seem there's a difference between the two, understanding that there is can actually help you achieve your goal of getting organized. Have to or Want to? In life there...

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The 5 Mistakes You’re Making Getting Your Kids Organized

If you have kids, it's likely you have clutter.  Don't take it personally, it comes with the territory! Since kids have so much stuff, many parents believe getting kids to organize it all should be simple. However, it's not as easy as it seems.  In fact, there may be...

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5 Staples of an Organized Front Entryway

First impressions matter. In our homes, that first impression is usually our front entryway.  Too often, though, the front entryway is nothing more than a dumping ground for coats, shoes, bags, and mail - offering a disorganized impression to your visitors.  But it...

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The Building Blocks of an Organized Lifestyle – Part 2

  Last week we looked at the first 4 blocks to an organized lifestyle. Today, we're going to look at the last 5 blocks to see how we can bring true order to our homes and lives. Building Blocks towards Order Once you've chosen to pursue order, committed to the...

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The Building Blocks of an Organized Lifestyle – Part 1

As you start a new year and resolve once again to get organized, you may question if that's even possible for you.  You've tried before in the past, without much success.  It just doesn't seem that you were meant to be an organized person. Perhaps, you wonder, if...

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5 Ways to Make Tomorrow Better, Today

There is an African Proverb that says, “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” It’s a nice thought, but most of us are just trying to get through today. We don’t have time to worry about, or even prepare for, tomorrow. But proverbs aren’t just “nice...

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My Break-Up Letter to Clutter

Dear Clutter, We need to talk. We’ve been together for a really, long time. But I’ve come to the realization that this “thing” we’ve got going on isn’t really working for me anymore. I think it’s time we broke-up. Now I know this isn’t going to be easy for you to...

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