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Accountability and Virtual Organizing Services

Are you ready to make your organizing dreams a reality? 

Together we can!

You have access to all the organizing tips, resources, and ideas.

You know where you need to work and have a good idea of what needs to be done.

You have a dream, a vision of what you want your space to look like.

What you need is help staying focused to make your dream of being organized a reality.

That, my friends, is accountability.  It’s the missing piece of your organizing journey. And it’s what I want to offer to you.

What is Accountability?

While the dictionary describes accountability in rather technical terms, I like to think of it a little differently. To me, accountability is…

  • Someone holding your feet to the flame to make sure the work gets done.
  • Someone cheering for you on the days you want to quit.
  • Someone walking beside you as you race towards the finish line.
  • Someone helping you reach the goal you never could do on your own.

If this is what you’ve needed, or even searching for, you’ve come to the right place!

How does it work?

Although it sounds technical, it’s really quite simple.  Together you and I will set out the organizing goal(s) you want to reach.  Over the course of a month (or 2 or 3!), we’ll work side by side to help you accomplish that goal.

For $100 a month you’ll receive:

  • A 45-minute phone call where we’ll discuss your goal, identify some of the roadblocks that keep you from reaching it and plot a course of action.
  • Each week you’ll receive 1-2 emails from me checking on your progress and offering motivation and encouragement while you work.
  • Once you reach your organizing goal then our time together is complete!

If you’ve struggled to get organized in the past without success, then this approach may be exactly what you need.


Interested? Want to learn more? I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consult to discuss your specific needs and agree on the services to be provided.  To set up your complimentary phone call, please complete this form.

Call Us, drop us a line or stop by our office.


17602 McDonald Road Alvin, Texas 77511

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